Lumikha | Change the world while everybody is playing

Lumikha is a online plataform to promote financial support to social projects all over the world using the best fuel.

How it Works

Games have become a huge market growing globally reaching more then U$70 Bi last year. Crowdfunding is another emerging market led by Kickstarter which has raised alone U$480 Mi in 2013, with most projects focused in entertainment and trend technology industries.

The same isn’t happening when we look at social projects which reach much less funding.
Lumikha is an Add-on for online games. Our role is to be a gateway between the money which gamers spend on online games and sharing it with social projects hosted in crowdfunding sites.

Lumikha Process

This will be a win situation for all parts involved!

The Crowdfunding Sites will raise their users, and in consequence their profits with the expansion to the gamers market.
The Game Companies will raise their revenue market share because will be known for this social side and attend to this new customers needs of support some social/environmental cause.
Lumikha will receive profit from the raised fund in the social projects.
The Users will be an active and pacific piece of this revolution happening all over the world.
The Planet it self will feel the impact of so many people working together to promote change.

And we believe the World deserve this chance!


Lumikha | Change the World while everybody is playing.

A new social business startup to lead into a social transformation in the world. Mixing the power of online games and crowdfunding to help social projects.

We invest 3 Billion hours a week as a planet playing videogames.

How to get Involved


For more information read our business pitch

Right now we are working hard to develope our first mockup to hit the market. Check it out our business plan and see why this is a great opportunity to join us to create a remarkable change Playing!


Our Beliefes

Lumikha’s mission is to be a tool that provides strength to the everyday somebody to become an active part in the socio-economic transformations in the emerging global scenario.


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Lumikha’s mission is to be a tool that provides strength to the everyday somebody.